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Jennifer Sahady
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Need a money expert? Who doesn’t? We can all use some help and I’m here to help you. I’ve presented at more than 1000 companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and supported over 10,000 individuals at those companies. My presentations and individual consultations have helped people across the USA and the world. 


Let me help you too. Invest in yourself and your education and save yourself the time of learning everything yourself. When you want help –  I am here for you.

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Personal finance education and training for employees by money expert Jennifer Sahady


Hire an expert to speak to your employees about personal finance education. I offer engaging presentations and individual conversations.


Help your students understand and enjoy healthy money habits. I offer interactive group presentations and classes.

One-on-one personal finance education sessions online with money expert Jennifer Sahady


Ready to take your next step towards financial freedom? I can help you learn more and take action to grow your knowledge and wealth.

Praise & Props

I have never seen a more lively presentation of a somewhat boring subject. The presenter made things look so simple and easy and did not try to overwhelm the attendees with dry data. Kudos to her and I wish all presenters would follow a similar pattern. Thoroughly enjoyed the hour which she made to be so short.

Thank you so VERY much –our employees loved the presentation, and you too! You have a gift. Not many presenters can make a somewhat dry and confusing topic interesting and that combined with your energy – is a perfect combination. I also appreciate that you recognized the language barriers and modified your delivery based on the group.

I want to share that I have now heard from everyone on the retirement committee, including the advisor, about how great Jennifer is! The feedback is that she was extremely knowledgeable and they were very impressed with how she was able to relate to both the office folks and the manufacturing folks in a meaningful way.

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