Start smart

Help your students learn valuable money lessons while meeting state financial literacy requirements by hiring an expert to speak to your students. These popular, in-demand presentations will help your school stand out to students.


Ages 5 to 22

I support financial education for all school students from story time to savvy school selection.

Public and private

Whether you are a public school or a private school I can support you. and your students.

global support

Centered in the USA, I support students in countries around the world.

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a path and program that best fits your school and goals. 

Live Webinars

with Q&A session 

Guest teacher

in classrooms


at school assemblies

What students say

Jennifer helped me prepare to study abroad and was a valuable resource for money questions while I was abroad.


With Jennifer's help I was able to learn far more about important financial decisions that I had just researching online and asking my friends.


Program highlights

High School Students

Financial literacy and financial decision making starts in high school. Educate your students  with one of our financial education programs. All of the programs fulfill state requirements for financial literacy.  


  • Planning for your future
  • Compounding 
  • Budgeting
  • Evaluating university aid packages

University students

Throughout school and immediately after graduation, your students are making their first financial decisions. Help your students have financial success with these programs:


  • Comparing company offers
  • Credit versus debit
  • Investing for beginners
  • Spending plans

Study abroad programs

Before sending students abroad, teach them the essential money lessons they will need to be successful. Programs include:



  • Smart spending plans
  • International banking
  • Planning for unexpected expenses
  • Studying abroad in the USA

Jennifer Sahady